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Here is listing of my circuits by category:

Power Amplifiers

Semiconductor amplifiers:

Single Ended 5W Japanese Design

Hafler 9300/9500 Schematic (interesting input circuit)

Kaneda Amplifier No.1

Kaneda Amplifier No.2

Class A with output stage on Power MOSFets (R14 is 600Ohm!)

Power supply for Class A with output stage on Power MOSFets

Single Ended 9W Bipolar

15W with JFET Input by Kaneda

300W MOSFet

Aren's SE FET Amp

Citation 12Modified by Pass

8C2 Amp

All JFET Amplifier with 2SK77

Nippon All-FET Amplifier

Hybrid amplifiers:

Kaneda No.1 with 6C33C OTL

Power Supply for Kaneda No.1

Kaneda No.2 with 6C33C OTL

Vaccum Tube amplifiers:

17KV6A OTL Amp

AudioNote Conquest

AudioNote 300B Kit

AudioNote Ankoru

AudioNote P4

JE Labs 300B S.E.

Headphones S.E. Amplifier

S.E. on GM70 power triode

EL84 Amplifier made by SDS Labs

EL84 Amplifier PCB

AudioNote Ongaku (Russian language)

6AS7(6H13C) OTL Amplifier

6AS7(6H13C) Transformatored

6AS7 S.E. By CB

6AS7 S.E. Power Supply

Conrad Johnson Amp No.1

Heatkit W-5M

Heatkit W-7M

HK Citation 2

HK Citation 5

Marantz Model 5

Marantz Model 8

Marantz Model 9

McIntosh MC30

Quad II

RCA OTL Amp (Very Unique Schematic)

Simple Ten Watt Triode Amp

Esoteric Amp No.1

Esoteric Amp No.2

Esoteric Amp No.3

Esoteric Amp No.4


EL34 Push-Pull

Very cool Integrated S.E. Amp with 6L6/6V6

Williamson/Auke EL34 Amp

807 PP Amplifier

1619 PP Amplifier

2A3 PP

300B Ex 10

300B Single Choke

300B Single Ex 4

47 PP

6550 PP Ex 2

6L6G PP Ex 5

6V6 SE


Fairchild Model 27

Marantz T1 (Look at this circuit. It rocks!)

Michael&Austin TV1

OTL - 7242

OTL - 6336A

OTL Flutterman

Pre Amplifiers

Vacuum tube amplifiers:

Marantz AudioConsolette

Conrad Johnson No.1

1629 Based Pre-amp

Conrad Johnson No.2

Conrad Johnson No.3

Esoteric PREAmp No.1

Esoteric PREAmp No.2

Esoteric PREAmp No.3

Esoteric PREAmp No.4

Esoteric PREAmp No.5

Esoteric PREAmp No.6

Esoteric PREAmp No.7

Esoteric PREAmp No.8

Esoteric PREAmp No.9

Esoteric PREAmp No.10

Esoteric PREAmp No.11 Contact me for any questions